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Setting Up Your Zed Stable

Hey Zedders,

Welcome to the Zed Universe! It's awesome to have you here for the ride. This vLog will unpack how to set up everything from your MetaMask wallet to Zed Stable & beyond, as well as where to get some other key info. My next recommended vLog to get into is a Beginners Guide I did a few weeks ago.

Please make sure you have subscribed to my YouTube channel for all future content and live streams we will be doing. The wallet I have just set up in this vLog will be used for anonymous donations to the content cause. I love creating this content for you all so there is no expectation at all, however, I have had a few people ask me to do this so they can show gratitude for the work going into helping everyone get up and running. Any donations are much appreciated so thank you - 0x27a4f492B33bcbDD4cc40B44E2bbDF47aBd125D4

Can't wait to see everyone out on the track, and as always, have fun.


Clubhouse @doofyracing

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