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Please Welcome Chantelle (Mrs. Doofy) - Attn: Cheap Bred Horses

Hi Zedders,

My wife Chantelle has joined the Doofy Racing team on a part-time basis for now and will be working through the current backlog of the cheap bred horse sales. I will be continuing to breed these little monsters for you all, however, due to the high volume of enquiries and how hands-on they are to sell, she will be in contact with you as a starting point to get you a horse.

Whilst her general communication skills and admin structure far exceeds my own, there will of course be a small learning curve and any need to jump in, I will do so. She has been spending the week sitting in on current sales so I am confident she will be able to help you all out.

For those that are currently in line, we have about 20 horses still to get into new stables and as soon as it opens, I will be hitting the breeding barn to breed new horses for you all. Once you have completed your transaction, as long as you still have less than five horses in your stable, you are more than welcome to submit a new request.

The communication moving forward will be solely in Twitter or via email, no longer Discord (unless you currently have a request in, I will speak with you directly). The price list will be sent to you when your time is up with a rough indication of what is available at that time with the stable link to look for a specific horse. Once a horse is selected, you will have 48 hours to complete your transaction with the horse being held for you before we will be forced to put it back into the public stable for anyone to buy. Please complete your transaction as soon as possible.

Link to fill out a request -

Any questions, please reach out to me directly on Discord or in one of my streams.

With a lot of my time being freed up, I will have a lot more time to spend streaming with you all, answering direct messages again, and of course, hitting the track to have fun with you all.

See you back on the track heavy next week (I'm coming for the leaderboard), and as always, have fun!


Clubhouse @doofyracing

Anonymous Donations in eth - 0x27a4f492B33bcbDD4cc40B44E2bbDF47aBd125D4

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