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I Am A Little Behind

Hey Zedders,

I am just a little behind in DMs and Cheap Bred horses for sale. I have worked out some admin help so I will be doing some major catch-up this week. If you have DMed me or sent me a message for a horse, I will get to you, please be patient. Outside of my content creation for you all and live streams, I have 2 priorities right now and these are in order.

  1. Getting cheap bred horses into new stable owners.

  2. Knocking off my current sourced Genesis horse list. If you are on that list, I will look to get you your horse you are after asap. Please jump into my discord channel as there are a lot of community members helping out with this as well.

See you out on the racetrack, and as always, have fun.


Clubhouse @doofyracing

Anonymous Donations in eth - 0x27a4f492B33bcbDD4cc40B44E2bbDF47aBd125D4

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