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Doofy's Picks 10 Feb 21

Found some gems and even bought one myself when I said I wasn't going to! Links to all the horses are below. For those watching at home, the horse I bought won it's Griffin race so already made back 0.0147eth!

Used that to enter into the big pool C2 race. Lost but was closing... Needs longer.

If you buy one, please use the link provided so I receive my 1% commission on the sale :)

In order seen in the video;

Papi's Got Aces -

AO Breeding Pair -

Eff Keimo -

Boiling Religion -

Keimo -

4x z6 Gen Bundle -

Win Doctor -

The Jolt -

*Breeding Pair

Astro -

First Timer -

*Breeding Pair

Mando -

Electric Violet -

Inevitable *Bought Myself*

Daddy Candy -

Hoosier Daddy -

Papa Smurf -

Heir Jordan -

Unfaithful Tiger -

Have fun out there Zedders!


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