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Doofy Bloodstock Is Soft-Launching

Hey Zedders,

Wow! It's so awesome to see Zed growing so much each and every day. Welcome to all the newcomers and I hope to help you find a horse to get you on the track asap! The demand of finding people horses has forced me to make the decision of opening Doofy Bloodstock ahead of the timing schedule (but also behind the community numbers schedule as we have grown so quick). I am not set up yet in website and branding assets but will be soft-launching my services to everyone.

This was not an easy decision, however, it needs to be made as I will be spending my next 2+ days sourcing horses for the community which of course takes away from my racing and other priorities. From now on, I will be charging a 10% commission to source horses for people that are not my horse. I will do everything possible to sell you a horse I own first, however, the demand far exceeds the supply for my stable alone.

Any requests to purchase are happening through direct messages on Discord or Twitter only at this point and will move to a more streamlined service in the future. Please message me on one of these platforms and I will get back to you as soon as possible (I am currently backlogged so please sit tight). I will need the following four questions answered in your request as a minimum, however, the more details I receive in the beginning will streamline your purchase:

1. Raced or unraced?

2. What is the purpose, racing, breeding or holding?

3. Are you after anything specifically like gender, colour, z number, genesis/bred etc.?

4. What budget are you working with if any?

If you would like to be on my preferred seller's list, please also reach out to me directly on Twitter or Discord.

Finally, my community Discord channel is growing. Please come over and head to the horses for sale channel as there are many deals going on every day in there. This is a chilled hangout for everything Zed. Any toxic behaviour will see an instant and permanent ban so please be mindful of that.

I'm starting to get back into some racing so I can't wait to see you all on the track, and as always, have fun!

P.s If you missed my competition to win a 100% win rate z9 Filly Genesis, here is the link with how to enter -


Clubhouse @doofyracing

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