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Cheap Bred Horses Update

Hey Zedders,

Just a quick update about Cheap Bred Horses.

Zed opening the breeding barn a couple of weeks early has completely caught me off guard! I am working and have been working on completing my breeding plan. I should be done with it today. Once that is complete, I'll be breeding my horses for you all. At that time (probably tomorrow), I will release the updated price list and Chantelle will be getting in touch with people from the top of the list.

Due to extremely high demand and new restrictions on breeding, you will need to verify you have less then 5 horses in your stable/s and we will be checking them. If you do have over 5 horses and you would still like to get a Doofy's Army horse regardless, please let us know at the time of contact and we will put you onto a new list for when we have filled the current list.

Any questions, please reach out, however, also please be mindful 99% of my attention is on my breeding plan for the next couple of days.



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