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Cheap Bred Horses Pricing & Sales Update

Hey Zedders,

We are changing the way we do the Cheap Bred Horses (Doofy’s Army Horses) program to create an ongoing fair price system.

Moving forward we will operate on an order basis so that you are guaranteed to get the Doofy’s Army horse you want. If we do not have the horse available at the time of order, you will be placed in a line and be informed how many people are in front of you with a rough wait time.

Please note that we do not sell any Fillies, we sell Mares who have had one breed taken from them in order to keep up with demand. Also, as a rule of thumb, we do not take genotype numbers into account due to the number of horses we are dealing with. We work to Bloodline, Breedtype, Gender & Colour Rarity so please include these in your order. All horses are given a Doofy's Army mint number and are sold unraced.

Pricing will be dynamic and based on a % discount on the average (3-5 cheapest) floor price of an unraced horse at the time of order. Should you have a wait time for your horse, we will take the lower of, the price at the time of order vs time of sale. Payment will be taken in eth or WETH by private sale (not on OpenSea). OpenSea can be an option, however, the buyer will cover the 5% fees.

The discount will be formulated according to the number of horses you already have in your stable at the time of ordering (see below). You also now have the opportunity to purchase multiple horses, where we will average the discount off the total price.

0 horses - 25% discount

1 horse - 20% discount

2 horses - 15% discount

3 horses - 10% discount

4 horses - 10% discount

5 horses - 10% discount

Should you have more than 5 horses in your stable, you will not be eligible for a discount on pricing, but we can still assist you in breeding an unnamed/unraced/unbred horse specific to what you need. We will also have a number of U/U/U horses continually available for purchase on our OpenSea page (but if you’d still like to be part of Doofy’s Army, we would love to have you. Please just let us know which horse you would like so we can name the mint number).

If you’ve already filled out your form and have been waiting for a specific horse, please send a DM to my wife, Mrs Doofy on Discord @MrsDoofy#6215, letting her know what you’re after and she’ll work out the new pricing for you. We will get you the horse(s) either immediately or look to breed them for you ASAP. If you don’t have Discord, we can continue communicating by email, however, we will be phasing out Twitter as a communication tool for these sales.

For those who have not previously submitted a request for a horse, please fill out the form at

*Everything is subject to change at any time regardless of where you may be in the sales process. As you know, we value bringing new players into Zed and try to make the process as quick and easy as possible. We believe that this is a great helping hand for new players, if you have any feedback on this new structure we would love to hear about it.

Good luck to everyone, have fun and see you on the track!


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