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Cheap Bred Horse Sales Price Update & Kick Off

Hey Zedders,

We are set and ready to start getting Cheap Bred Horses into new stable owners again. I have kept the prices as close to unchanged as possible, however, the price to breed has increased 20% for all breeds except Nakamotos and 120% for Nakamotos, so I have reflected this across the price list. To keep the option of horses under $200usd I have added elite/cross options for new users on a budget to have some fun with.

Due to new breeding restrictions and the long list, we now have. I have also had to make the decision to keep any filly produced at the Legendary or Exclusive level. This will only be for a 2 breed cycle in order to exponentially grow my breeding capabilities for you all. I hope you understand that decision.

I am constantly asked about stables with more than five horses being able to buy a Doofy's Army horse. The answer to this is, once we have worked through the list and/or we are in a position to breed more horses per month in a couple of months, we will open it up to all stable owners. The prices for these horses will shift slightly, however, I will make sure they are below marketplace value for you all.

Good luck to everyone, have fun and see you on the track!


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