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Call It A Day is a Genesis horse with a decent race record. Currently available at minimum breeding of 0.066eth. In stud until approx. 25 Jan.

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So SeDUCKtive is the full brother to I'm A Ducky On The Edge. Son of Breathless Edge and Ducky Mallon, This horse has been bred to hold top genetics. Although overshadowed by his brother, this horse is no slouch with a race record of 6 starts for 2 wins. Cost is near minimum of 0.07eth. In stud until approx. 25 Jan.

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James Tedesco holds great lineage. Offspring of Saber and Ess And Em, Descendant of Breathless Edge and Boiling Religion. Lightly raced with six starts for one win and a rare coat. In stud for minimum cost of 0.084eth and available until approx. 22 Jan.

Screenshot 2021-01-19 083730.png

Well, Atar! seems to be something special. Son of James Tedesco and Breathless ID. This horse holds lineage going back 2 generations with the following horses - Breathless Edge x2, Saber, Ess And Em & Evolution ID. Although an Elite horse, theories going around at the moment are that breeding is more about lineage than if you breed a cross horse, which will happen if you take a punt on this breed. Fortune favors the bold! In stud for 0.1eth and available until approx. 26 Jan.

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Vector Shine is a proven class 4 & 5 menace. With proven offspring already, make your own line of greatness and take on the field. In stud for 0.05eth and available until approx. 26 Jan.