selling cheap bred horses to new or newish stable owners. must have less than five horses to qualify.

Please view the price list below. Contact me ONLY via the contact form below with all information required to streamline your purchase. Once you have your horse, you may rejoin the line if you still qualify, I will be doing this long term for everyone.

*Please be aware that these are not champion bred horses. They are horses designed for fun to learn Zed and get your foot in the game.

Prices subject to change in line with breeding costs. 

Information needed:

1. Your stable URL to check if you qualify

2. Top three horse types in the order you would prefer

3. Twitter username to complete the transaction

Due to high demand, There are currently more people on the list to buy than horses available. Please submit a request and we will get back to you asap.

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Thank you. Request Successful.

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