M Y   S T O R Y

Welcome! My name's Christian AKA Doofy. I started with Zed around March 2020 and instantly fell in love with the platform. I come from owning real racehorses and greyhounds and love the industry as a sport. 

I have a love for all things tech-based and am a strong believer in cryptocurrency as a whole. So as you can imagine when I saw the ad on Facebook for Zed.Run, I was instantly attracted to it. After about three days of research into the game and what horses were available, I purchased my very first racehorse, Chronic Gangster, and away I went. It took me only five races to get my first win and I went back to back. I was hooked!

As I write this, my stable has grown to 147 horses across two stables and I own a wide range of breeds and genotypes. My best horse at the moment is by far Breathless Edge, who has been a bit of a menace on the track. I love the breeding aspect of Zed and am always looking to try to breed "freak" horses that cause havoc as they work through the classes.

I hope you enjoy watching and learning from my experiences and I am always available for a chat, especially with newcomers looking to learn quickly and build their own champion stables.